Space Gun Steampunk Style


The best way to make sure that you are well-defended at all times in your Steampunk escapades is to always carry some sort of weapon. The Steampunk Space Gun is a great choice, featuring an antiqued “modern” look that is rather impressive to behold. This attractive prop is shaped similarly to more modern guns, yet its coloration and construction is more reminiscent of older, antiqued firearms, the kind that might be prevalent in a Steampunk society. The prop pistol has a faded bronze body. Beige accents decorate the grip and the barrel, while brown plates “reinforce” the pistol at the bottom of the grip and along the barrel. Sitting atop the barrel is a small scope with a faded bronze body and brass colored ends. The trigger is colored black, and an orange half-sphere is located at the end of the barrel. This prop is made from plastic and it measures 8 inches long. If you have concerns about your own safety when you travel in Steampunk style, consider tucking this Steampunk Space Gun into your belt for a little bit of added protection. Or you can, of course, just add the prop into your costume to add a little bit of danger to your look, too.

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