Spats Brown Suede Steampunk Style


Spats like these can often serve a double purpose. On one hand, the Steampunk Brown Suede Spats can be worn to indicate wealth and class. On the other hand, they can also be worn by adventurers who are looking more for protection then style. Either way, these spats are a simple yet attractive accessory that can seamlessly be added to virtually any Steampunk look with little difficulty. Like traditional pairs of spats, these accessories are worn like boot-covers in order to offer a variety of uses, ranging either from eccentric and wealthy style to extra warmth, even going so far as to offer extra protection in the face of danger. These particular spats are made from brown faux suede and feature attractive brass button details along the outside. They are available in one size, which fits most adults and older teens. Being suede, these spats are a great accessory for an eclectic Steampunk nobleman. Truthfully, though, these Steampunk Brown Suede Spats make the best accessory for a Steampunk gunman reminiscent to all those wild outlaws and famous lawmen that populated the Wild West.

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