Spotty Magic Trick


This is a wonderful “put on” effect using a bag and two silks. One side of the bag is blue with white spots, the other is white with blue spots. The inside of the bag is just plain black. Here comes the routine … lots of funny business so watch out! First, you make the two silks change color, but they really don’t change color, or do they?? Now you turn the bag inside out, and the dots from the bag magically jump onto the silks! White spots on the blue silk and blue spots on the white silk! But, wait, there seems to be one spot missing … wheres’s the spot? You look inside the bag and call out “Spot, hey Spot!” Turn the bag inside out and there’s Spot. The bag has changed into a cute dog … complete with floppy ears! Great for kids’ shows and super for MC work. Easy to do, comes complete with all necessary apparatus and routine.
See Video Performance Below

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