Standing Lop Rabbit Full Body Plush Hand Puppet by Folkmanis


Would you mind lending the Full Body Lop Rabbit Puppet by Folkmanis a hand? This amazing plush lop rabbit puppet really needs your help to reach its full potential. Good looks only go so far in life, and without you, this lop rabbit puppet is just another pretty face. Its realistic appearance is undeniably remarkable but its personality is a little lacking. The Folkmanis lop rabbit puppet is kind of like a beautiful classic car with no engine. It’s nice to look at but, basically, it’s useless. You are kind of like a souped-up engine that is sitting on blocks in someone’s front yard. You’re capable of great things but you need a vehicle to harness your power. Your vehicle is this full-body lop rabbit puppet. Makes perfect sense doesn’t it? When your brilliant imagination, endless charm, and hysterical wit are combined with the impeccable design and beautiful coloring of this plush lop rabbit puppet, the world will have to take notice. Laughs will be louder and smiles will be wider all because of you and your lop rabbit puppet. Put on your sunglasses because your future is bright.

As with the entire line of plush puppets by Folkmanis, the Full Body Standing Lop Rabbit Plush Puppet is durably constructed to withstand numerous puppet shows, storytimes, and the expected demands of quality playtime. These fantastic puppets are made with all new materials and meet or exceed all U.S. safety standards. This Standing Lop Rabbit Plush Hand Puppet features a movable mouth and measures 7in L x 12in H x 8in W. Recommended for ages 3+.

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