Steampunk Bullet Ring


Nothing quite catches the eye like a series of bullets worn on the finger like a wicked wing. People will know that you mean business when you poke and point at them with a finger that happens to be wearing the Steampunk Bullet Ring. Of course, their number one hope is likely that none of the bullets on the ring go off while you are poking and pointing, because that would likely end their day very badly. This ring is made up of several brass colored bullet cartridges, all arranged in a circle to fit around the finger. The bullets are connected together by two translucent elastic bands, which ensure that the ring has some adjustability when it is worn. The ring comes in only one size, which is sized to fit most adults. If looks could kill, then this Steampunk Bullet Ring is definitely the accessory that would transform your Steampunk look and style into a lethal-looking costume.

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