Coachman Faux Suede Black Top Hat


Is everyone seated? Time to move! This stagecoach has a schedule to keep. These are dangerous times, so a few highwaymen or other criminals might try to stop the coach and rob the passengers. It’s lucky that the coach has such a dashing and fearless driver to keep it safe! Look like a classy hero in this exclusive Black Coachman Hat! The accessory has a tall, rounded crown and a sturdy brim that curves up slightly above each ear. It’s the perfect final detail to sell your steampunk or historical outfit. Some accessories always seem to give off a certain vibe. For instance, socks with sandals appear to say, “This was an unfortunate – but comfortable – fashion choice.” Black top hats, on the other hand, are always awesome! Whether you’re a courageous hero or a dastardly villain, you’re sure to make an impression.

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