Steampunk Eyeglass Monocle Clip


Whenever you’re working on a steam-powered creation filled with tiny gears and gizmos, you’ll be thankful you have the Steampunk Eyeglass Monocle. This accessory clips onto an existing pair of glasses and add two more lenses to enhance your vision. This item consists of an impressive little gizmo that features two round lenses, each mounted on their arm, which is attached to a small pivot so that each lens can be lifted and moved when not in use. Of course, attached to the pivot is a connector that is used to secure these lenses to a pair of glasses, allowing this clever and somewhat kooky item to be worn with ease. These eye-glass accessories are made from plastic and snap easily onto most glasses. The Steampunk Eyeglass Monocle is an esoteric yet useful little accessory that any Steampunk engineer would gladly wear, especially if it meant the ability to work on increasingly smaller machines. This popular eyeglass monocle denotes the futuristic, Victorian & scientific fictional culture of the steampunk movement.

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