Steampunk Machinist Brown Goggles


Ever since man mastered fire, he has had the need for protection against the flames, especially for his eyes! These goggles get the job done in style! You will be a 19th-century craftsman, or a 20th-century mechanic, in these Machinist Goggles. Use them to protect your eyes from (imaginary) sparks and flames. You can’t work on those dirigibles if you are blind!

These goggles are not just practical, but they are good-looking as well! The molded plastic lenses are green, adding the perfect pop of color to any boring craftsman’s garb. For premium comfort and secure fit, these Machinist Goggles are padded and covered in brown faux leather. For extra security, they have an adjustable security strap, keeping your eyes protected at all times. Strap these babies on, and get back to work!

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