Steampunk Studded Gears Bracelet


Adding this Steampunk Leather and Gears Bracelet to your Steampunk outfit is a fantastic way to forge an unforgettable look. With its ruffled leather and gear decorations, this bracelet will rarely go unnoticed. This attractive bracelet is made up of a simple, dark brown faux leather cuff that wraps around the wrist. An attractive ruffled leather fringe decorates either side of the cuff, while several antiqued brass gears decorate the center of the cuff. Close examination reveals that within each gear, the spokes form small heart shapes, adding a subtle feminine quality that only the very astute will take notice of. This leather cuff is available in one size and features an adjustable band, which makes it sized to fit most adults with ease. It is made from faux leather and the gears are copper-colored metal. The Steampunk Leather and Gears Bracelet is one of those small accessories that packs a big punch. Add it to your Steampunk wardrobe and somehow, it will work its way in to almost all of your Steampunk ensembles, if only because it is a great little detail that benefits almost any look.

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