Steampunk Terminator Bronze Eyemask


Every steam punk masquerade mask is created with a combination of historical elements and anachronistic technological features inspired by science fiction. Very light-weight materials are used to curate the mask, making it comfortable to wear for any steampunk events you’re attending. They are also whimsical and entertaining, perfect to use to decorate and adorn in any steampunk themed room and venue setting! We curate the most intricate masquerade masks with the finest quality and craftsmanship. Materials/Techniques: Resin, papier mache technique, light-weight materials, high quality eco-friendly acrylic paint Size Measurement: One size fits almost all facial features.

Why is Steampunk so much fun? Well, friends, it’s all about invention and imagination. Sure, you’ve got to stick to certain elements. You’ve got to have mysterious pouches and pockets to keep your mysterious devices in. There’s a hip pouch for gunpowder and extra springs for your steam-powered smartphone. Then there are the pockets for all your magnifying glasses and all the keys to wind up your robots, clocks, and maybe even a time machine or two. Okay, let’s move on from those mysterious pockets of your Steampunk ensemble, it’s taking some self-control. Believe us. A good Steampunk ensemble also requires gear oriented jewelry, a jaunty hat, and most of all… some sweet goggles to make riding your steam-powered snail easier than ever!

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