Stink Bombs Box Of 3 Vials


Stink out your friends! Stink Bombs are a classic prank that never stops being funny, at least to you! Stink Bombs are a great way to deliver the old one-two to people’s sinus cavities! Anyone unlucky enough to be dangerously close to one of these bad boys will not be joining you in the hysterical laughter you are sure to be suffering! Simply break a vial and let the chaos ensue! Never before has a vial been more vial…a bomb so stinky…than with this classic funny prank! Dirty jokes don’t come any smellier. These are the original stink blasters. Break the vial and a terrible pong spreads out but soon disappears. Each box contains 3 glass vials of evil-smelling liquid. If your a fan of nasty smells, don’t forget to get some of our powerful Liquid Ass Pump Spray. One quick spritz will do.

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