Straight Jacket Escape


The Straight Jacket or also spelled Strait Jacket has been used by entertainers for more than a century. This is the trick that will leave your audience entranced. Definitely not for the faint of heart or your average children’s birthday party. The straitjacket trick was made famous by the great Harry Houdini and has been seen performed on live television dozens of times. In other words, this is next level magic. You know the drill…your arms are crossed and belted together, all straps are secured…the spell-bound audience is enthralled as you writhe and contort…your every limb in an effort to release yourself from your self-appointed torture. And then, at the penultimate moment…escape is yours as the audience picks their jaws up from the floor… The grim nature of the history of the straitjacket will add to the mystique of this trick. Lots of story-telling possibilities for the performer.

Please keep in mind that although we include an instructional program with the straitjacket, this may not be the effect for everyone. Certainly not for the claustrophobic or the easily frightened. It is truly a heart-stopping effect. You must proceed with caution.

Canvas 19th Century Style Straight Jacket; Harry Houdini style Magic Tricks.
Instructional Magic Training Course

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