Super Deluxe Dorothy Wig


Somewhere over the rainbow, there may be a far-away place with munchkins and witches and even a Wizard. Even in that place, however, they still know a thing or two about good hair. You’ll have a perfect, off-the-farm look with this Super Deluxe Dorothy Wig.

A good pair of braided pigtails never steered anyone wrong. Look at Dorothy – she was able to navigate the treacherous yellow brick road all the way to Oz in order to stand up to the Wizard and get what she needed in order to get home. Not only did she do this for herself, but she was able to draw upon the power of her braids in order to get her friends set up pretty nicely, too.

This synthetic wig features luscious brown hair with two thick braids that have blue ribbons tied at the bottom of each for a classic Dorothy look. The wig is attached to a net for a look that will stay in place all night long!

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