Taco Costume


Got a hard shell, but a soft inside? This costume was made for you. Viva la yum! Do tacos make your insides melt with the true love that only yummy Mexican food can deliver? Show your love by wearing your favorite food to your next fiesta with this Taco Adult Costume. Pair up with your friends and make it a combo platter, because one taco is never enough. Taco Tuesday will never be the same with this costume! This costume lets you get ready in a breeze — It’s a taco-shaped tunic that you can easily slip on over your clothes. The tunic is so detailed, it may make your mouth water. It features bright green lettuce, shredded yellow cheese, and a meaty filling. All of the ingredients are wrapped in a 3D taco shell that has toasted details. Costume includes: Taco Tunic.  Standard Size fits up to Men’s XL.  (Shirt, Pants, Shoes, and Sombrero are not included.)

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