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The classic course in magic. First published in 1926 as a correspondence course, the Tarbell course in magic is the only introduction to magic universally accepted as required reading for ALL magicians.

Tarbell Volume 1 covers the following topics. History of magic, magic as science, sleight of hand with coins, coin tricks, thumb tip, impromptu tricks, ball tricks, mathematical mysteries, effective card mysteries, impromptu card mysteries, card sleights, normal card mysteries, restoring torn papers, rope & tape principals, handkerchief tricks, knotty silks. and eggs and silks. 918 illustrations. Hardcover 410 pages. 19 lessons.

Tarbell Volume 2 covers the following topics. How to please your audience, magic with wands, double paper mysteries. magic with coins, cigarette magic, lit and unlit, sleight of hand with cards. back palm, seconds, selected card mysteries, rising cards (17 methods), egg magic-Tarbells egg bag, billiard ball manipulations, handkerchief magic, rope magic, ghostlike mysteries, and illusions. 1087 illustrations Hardcover 410 pages.14 lessons.

Tarbell Volume 3 covers routines for a magic show, how to make people laugh, intimate magic, conjuring with currency, modern coin effects, fundamental card sleights, card mysteries, card stabbing, novelty handkerchief magic, color-changing silks, rabbit and dove magic, and more illusions. 1116 illustrations. Hardcover 418 pages. 12 lessons.

Tarbell Volume 4 covers novelty magic, thimble magic, swallowing needles & blades, unique card magic, novelty rising cards, card transition tricks, mental & psychic mysteries, the thumb tie, linking rings, magic with ribbons, silken trickery, slate tricks, and illusions – FU MANCHU’S. 1140 illustrations Hardcover 418 pages. 13 lessons

Tarbell Volume 5 covers unique magic, more unique mysteries, four ace effects, modern mental mysteries, hat and coat productions, oriental magic, original oriental magic, Tarbell Hindu rope mysteries, modern rope magic, the magic of the Bambergs, magic with bowls, and liquids, illusions and publicity, and promotion. 1152 illustrations. Hardcover 418 pages. 13 lessons

Tarbell Volume 6 covers novel ball magic, unique card effects, novelty magic, rope magic, mindreading mysteries, x-ray & blindfold effects, silk and rope presentations, escapes & substitutions, spirit ties & vest turning, modern stage magic, stage productions, and magic as theatre. 1200 illustrations. Hardcover 410 pages. 10 lessons.

Tarbell Volume 7 covers more mental magic, card magic, rope magic, novelty magic, money magic, silk magic, illusions you can make, and late arrivals. Plus a complete cross-index to all seven volumes. 600 illustrations. Hardcover 590 pages. 8 lessons.

Tarbell Volume 8 is the latest book in the immortal series first conceived by Dr. Harlan Tarbell in the 1920s. In 1940 Louis Tannen convinced Harlan Tarbell to turn the original Tarbell System, a 60-lesson correspondence school course in magic, which appeared from 1926-1929, into a series of hardcover books. Tarbell turned to his Tarbell System as a source of material and steadily drew from it, constantly adding new material, to create the first six volumes of the Tarbell Course in Magic. Doctor Tarbell was never able to finish his course and was working on a new volume at the time of his death. Tarbell Volume 8, 400-page hardcover in the same style as the other books in the course, represents Harlan Tarbell’s final contribution to magic: it contains all of the wonderful material from the original Tarbell System that he had yet to use in the Course, as well as original Tarbell magic and drawings from many different magazines and other books authored by Tarbell. It is a fine collection of magic and a true part of the Tarbell Course in Magic. No other magic book published in recent memory delivers the goods like Tarbell Volume 8.

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