Teeth FX Professional Vermin Veneers


This pair of Deluxe Veneers are perfect for just about any type of monster creature you can dream up! These are the scariest looking teeth on the market today! A veneer is a tiny shell that covers just the front of your teeth. This give you the ability to have a ultra realistic 3d effect across your entire smile. Professional Teeth FX Veneers come with a specially formulated thermo fit system that allows you to take an impression of your teeth right on the veneer! The process takes less than 5 minutes and if you make a mistake you can simply remelt the thermo fit and do it again! WHAT MAKES OUR VENEERS DIFFERENT – Professional Teeth FX Veneers are designed with comfort and durability in mind. Aside from being incredibly realistic, we have added a tiny tooth shelf on each Veneer. This makes fitting them a breeze! This tiny shelf helps you automatically line the veneer up perfectly! The shelf also adds to the strength and durability of the appliance making sure you will be able to use it for years to come. – DESIGNED BY ACADEMY AWARD WINNING ARTIST CHRISTIEN TINSLEY! – It’s no secret that we are a big fan of Tinsley Studios! Christien and his amazing team are the best of the best! You have seen their work in countless major motion pictures and television. Passion of the Christ, Pearl Harbor, American Horror Story. The list goes on and on! These are the most realistic custom fitting teeth anywhere. The concept is simple. Professional, movie quality designs available to the general consumer. These teeth took nearly two years in the making before they could released. If desired, our teeth will accept any form of tooth paint. This way you can simply remove the tooth paint and have an entirely different look for another character! We feel that this freedom will allow you to get so much more out of your new monster teeth. You’re only limited by your imagination! Professional Teeth FX Veneers come with everything you need to customize them to your exact bite. Each kit includes the following:
1) Veneers – Uppers and Lowers
2) Full color instructional sheet
3) Thermo Fit customizing material
4) Black cloth storage pouch and hard case
Please note: Veneers can be fragile until you customize them. Don’t just go trying to bend them without reading the instructions. They will break. We know you’re excited to use them. But please read the instructions first. Veneers are not made to be worn over braces or other dental work.
How To Apply Video Below

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