Tiger Mouth Mover Mask


A Total Tiger Transformation.
There is just something about tigers — they are mysterious, majestic, powerful, and oh-so-cool! Wouldn’t you like to know what it’s like to embody all that big cat energy and prowl the forest floor without making a sound? Well, since we have yet to manufacture any actual magical potion that can turn you into another species (we’re working on it, don’t worry!), we would like to offer you this Tiger Mouth Mover Mask as a close alternative. Short of sprouting your own orange-striped fur and huge fangs, this is the closest you’re going to get to looking and feeling like a real tiger. So enjoy your Halloween transformation and please don’t forget to report back on how cool it really is to be a tiger — we’re dying to know!

In the distance, your pals see the approach of yellow eyes, distinctive stripes, and the hint of fangs in the moonlight. Oh…phew. It’s just you in this awesome mask! It includes the shaped headpiece and hood in realistic tiger stripes, along with authentic yellow eyes and a muzzle that promises a big bite! The coolest part of the whole look is that this tiger’s lower jaw of this mask is movable, which means it can open and close while you talk.

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