Troublewit Plus with Routine Book

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This set includes a 10″ Deluxe White Troublewit plus Book of Routines! Troublewit is a specially pleated paper used for entertainment purposes. The paper is used to form various items, such as hats, fans, and umbrellas by stage entertainers and illusionists. Its origins go back to the 17th Century. The groundwork of the paper-folding is not by any means new, having been known for several hundred years at least under various names, as: “Chinese Fan,” “Fantastic Fan,” “Trouble Wit,” etc.”  The late Canadian magician Sid Lorraine claimed some credit for re-popularizing the novelty by working out updated routines for it and performing it at magician’s conventions. The accordion-style creasing pattern allows the stiff paper to be compressed into a small space for transport and yet transformed into over one hundred different shapes during a performance, with an accompanying story. Despite its age, entertainment is still a distinct novelty to most audiences. The Book TROUBLEWIT SIMPLIFIED is unique in that it shows in no less than 38 beautifully clear illustrations exactly how to fold, unfold and form the various designs. It offers six different routines by such experts as Jim Reilly, Jack Read, Jimmy Lake and includes, an entirely original routine by Norman Cummins, featuring a fresh approach in patter and designs. 6 different routines – 38 illustrations – 29 basic designs. A slim softbound book that contains everything you must know about Troublewit.  Illustrated cover and artwork by Sid Lorraine. 30 fact-filled pages.

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