Viking Dragon Brown Horn


Lots of mystical fantasy characters sport horns. Furry-legged satyrs and fawns can have horns as well as hooves. Mythological minotaurs are drawn with large bull horns to match their faces. And in the world of Dungeons and Dragons, you can roleplay as a tiefling or dragonborn, both species that feature horns. Curved or straight, colorful or plain, humanoid creatures with horns definitely point to a magical storyline. Which one are you dressing up as this Halloween? Whatever fantasy creature you choose, we think that these Brown Dragon Horns will be a great addition to your otherworldly look!

These lightweight horns are made of EVA foam, so they won’t weigh down your head as your event continues. The foam is ridged and curled to create realistic bony protrusions. To continue the realism, these horns don’t come on a headband. Instead, they have only a clear elastic band, which can be adjusted by the wearer. That way, the horns can blend seamlessly into your hair. Whether you’re going for a Viking warrior look or attempting a full fawn transformation, these horns will fix your headpiece worries. Unless you’d like to try growing your own, but that might take a while!

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