Viktor Krum Plush Hat


Krum One, Krum All:
Calling all Harry Potter fans! You may have worked your way through the major characters’ costumes, but you can mix it up a little this Halloween without leaving the wizarding world! Try this Harry Potter Viktor Krum Hat on for size and see how it feels to be Durmstrang’s Triwizard champion, the Bulgarian team’s star Seeker (while you’re still at school!), and Hermione’s first date!

Any Potterhead will recognize you immediately, especially if you pair Viktor’s signature hat with a faux fur pelt or a long faux fur trench, along with a brooding stare, of course. True fans will appreciate your choosing a costume from outside of the Hogwart’s box, and if you have got a gal to go on your arm, she can dress as Hermione and you two can be the Goblet of Fire’s couple du jour.

Though Viktor’s hat was undoubtedly real (and likely hunted and skinned himself), this hat is faux, thank you very much. It’s a mixture of luxe brown pelt-like fur and soft brown faux-suede, with tie-up earflaps. The Durmstrang school crest is embroidered on the front. It looks totally authentic and pretty intimidating. Tonight, you can play the part of seeker…of a good time!

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