Voodoo Witch Doctor Top Hat with Dreadlocks



Making a deal with a witch doctor is no easy feat. First, summoning him is pretty tricky. Tempting the witch doctor away from the underworld takes a lot of guts and the soul of an innocent so you better have both. Next, if you’re lucky enough to get him to appear, possessing the gift of gab is necessary. Sweet talk that witch doctor into an enticing deal and anything you want is within reach, although it will cost you. The type of swaps the witch doctor is interested in usually involves an innocent soul or some sort of blood pact. This guy doesn’t mess around, people! Before summoning him to ask for a sick voodoo dude costume, think twice, play it safe and find your costume right here. This witch doctor hat with dreadlocks is a great place to start!   You don’t have to sell your soul to get a wig-and-top-hat-all-in-one! This brown top has feathered trim and Dreadlocks built right in.

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