White & Red Hyper Vision Goggles


The Right Goggles For You.
If you are going for more of a scientific look, then everyone knows that you need a good pair of goggles. We aren’t talking about your old snowboarding goggles or a set of aviator goggles. No, you need a pair that’s simple yet slick. You want goggles that make it look like you’ve been in the lab all day and here they are! First off, though they are called hyper vision goggles they will restrict your vision a bit. They also do not provide impact or UV protection. However, you will look awesome while wearing them. So, some pros and cons there.

The frames of these goggles are sleek white. The lenses are a transparent red. The temples of the goggles do have hinges that attach them to the frame. So they will easily fold up if you’d like to store them in a pocket or hang them on your shirt collar.

Don’t Get Mad, Go Mad.
With the right goggles, you can look like a mad scientist that just got done concocting insane plots in your secret hideout. You could also be one of those good scientists but everyone knows the mad ones have more fun. Grab yourself this pair of Hyper Vision Goggles and see what insane experiments they lead you to this Halloween.

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