Wizard Alchemy Black Hood With Stars


Greetings! The magic seems strong with you. We come bearing questions and perhaps a solution to your problems. Lend us a patient ear, would you? Is your pointy hat getting in the way during your wizarding adventures? Well, that’s no surprise! The big-brimmed, pointy wizard hat may be a staple when it comes to wizarding wear (we’re pretty sure Merline was the first to wear it…) but it’s really an inconvenient piece of headwear to have on your head while engaging in a deadly wizard business! There’s just more real estate waiting around to get zapped or fried or otherwise bewitched! Just imagine this. You have a horde of goblins, cudgels in hand, scrambling towards you. That’s a pretty normal situation that a wizard or witch might find themselves in. You whisper the magic incantation and wave your staff in the air to cast a searing fireball to engulf the evil creatures in flames, but the top of your staff bumps into the brim of your pointy hat, knocking it over your eyes. Unable to see, the fireball you just cast shoots off into the sky, missing every single goblin. Now, you’re in a heap of trouble, at least until your mana replenishes! That wouldn’t happen with this handy wizard hood!

Yes, this Wizard Alchemy Purple Hood foregoes the pointy hat tradition for something that’s a little more practical for the questing witch or wizard that has to worry about that sort of thing. The simple design fits around your head and it doesn’t have any troublesome brim that could get inadvertently bumped while casting dangerous spells. It also features a star pattern all-over, to help you feel like the powerful wizard you are! Pair it up with any of our wizard accessories, or snag more than a few of them to get your magical quest started with a group of friends today!

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