Deluxe Gary Wolf Ears Headband


Are you feeling a full moon coming on? Are you gearing up for Halloween night? Or are you simply looking for a costume that can fit in a handbag? Whatever you’re in the mood “fur”, this Deluxe Wolf Ears Headband has got you covered! Not everyone wants to go into a full-fledged transformation for Halloween. Some folks prefer a subtler nod to the holiday, with a simple set of animal ears, a witch’s hat, or a Halloween-themed tee. That’s totally OK! The beauty of Halloween is that it offers something for everyone—and anyone, regardless of costume comfort zones, can partake in the revelry. If you seek a simple way to pay homage to dressing up without a full-on costume, then these fuzzy ears are for you. You can feel like your favorite wild animal and howl at the moon. Of course, if you want to use these ears as a base for a truly transformative costume experience, well, we’d never say no to that, either!

This set of ears comes sewn onto a fabric-wrapped headband that slips easily onto your head. The ears themselves are large, sculpted, and feature realistic-looking faux fur on the outside—the better to hear you with!

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