Gray Wolf Fingerless Paws


We all have to face some unusual changes in our bodies as we age. It’s a matter of nature and can be a bit embarrassing to discuss or even deal with on a basic level, but it is something that we must all accept if we are going to adapt well and transition into the new life ahead of us. Now, it would probably be helpful if there were a few more courses or any literature that would help us to identify exactly how to deal with “the change” or any of those odd monthly ordeals, but the majority of all of that is just supernatural fluff!

Wait, hopefully, you weren’t… no, we’re not talking about those changes. Lycanthropy of course! It’s tough for a young werewolf to deal with all the strangeness that is about to come upon them, but there are some solid ways to begin dealing with what is to come, all thanks to these Fingerless Gray Paws. These mittens are sort of like the training for the full change that will someday come. And, in the meantime, you can keep your hands warm while looking pretty wolfy awesome!

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