Wolf Mouth Mover Mask

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Feel like howling at the moon? Stalk your prey with ease in the life-like Mouth Mover Wolf Mask by elope. You’ll be the talk of the party when you glide in wearing this talking mask – moving mouth follows your jawline and moves with you when you speak. Wolf mask fits securely on head and is held in place with a flexible black strap, for a comfy fit all day. This orignal Mouth Mover™ Mask features elope’s original creative design to create an experience like no other. Talk and the mask moves too! An inner elastic headband rests just below the base of your head and is adjustable to ensure each Mouth Mover can fit multiple head sizes comfortably. Inside the carefully sculpted mask is durable plastic construction and a comfortable foam chin rest which allows the signature Mouth Mover action. The Life-like soft black white and grey fur make the light yellow eyes stand out. Discretely placed black mesh allows you to see through the mask’s eyes.

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