Wolf Mouth Mover Mask


The big bad wolf has made a lot of enemies over the years. He’s a fiend in the eyes of woodsmen, girls in red capes, and of course, little pigs. But we think this is a beast who has taught us a lot of lessons as well. For instance, if your grandma is acting strange and has grown a snout and sharp teeth overnight, don’t ignore your instincts. Just get out of there! Secondly, if a big, bad wolf can blow your house down, so can a storm. We blame the wolf because he was the first to come through when the pigs were putting the finishing touches on their homes. But if their homes had lasted long enough to see a thunderstorm, you can be sure that the piggies would be standing in the wind and rain in no time! This highly detailed mask will help you speak for the wolf, once and for all! Shaggy, grey faux fur makes you look like a real wild canine. The snout moves with your mouth as you speak, drink, eat, and blow little pig’s houses down. The neckpiece falls past the shoulders, letting you easily transform from the ears down!

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