Woodland Plush Elf Costume Hood


We can’t help ourselves when it comes to Elves. We always choose them when we play role-playing games. Tabletop or MMO — it doesn’t matter. It’s just our thing these days. Elf ranger… Elf druid… Elf rogue… Elf bard… We know that we should try to be more imaginative and try other sorts of characters, but Elves just have a rich history and an appreciation for nature. Something about that just speaks to us. In fact, we often imagine what it would be like if we could be Wood Elves in real life. That’s crazy, right? To dream of being an Elf ranger in real life? No normal person could ever want that…

Alright. We’ll level with you. We want to be an Elf ranger in real life—it’s one of our life goals. It’s why we’ve been searching for costume accessories that have that Wood Elf quality to them and this Woodland Elf Hood fits the bill nicely. The forest green hood features a brown, faux leather accent around the edge and it even has a pair of gold-colored buttons on the bottom. When you wear this with the rest of your Elf cosplay attire, you’ll be ready for the next big quest, cosplay photoshoot, or convention!

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