Woody Toy Story Deluxe Cowboy Hat


“Woody is a passionate guy who throws himself into every action. As soon as he has an instinctive thought like “I have to help them,” or “I have to run away,” he does it with 100-percent commitment. You gotta love that about anybody.” -?Tom Hanks

Sheriff Woody Pride is one of the most lovable characters in the history of Pixar, and for good reason – he’s loyal, hilarious, and he’s got enough guts to go the extra mile for the people he loves. After all…you don’t become the unofficial leader of your particular band of toys if you’re a schmoe, now do you? And now you can reach for the sky and become Toy Story’s lovable sheriff in this Adult Deluxe Woody Cowboy Hat. A replica of Woody’s hat from Toy Story, it’s made of brown suede material, has a brown band around the crown, and even features rope decorations along the brim.

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