Zombie Glow Maggots

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The phrase “worm farm” is often used to describe a dead body, which means it can also be used to define a zombie. In this instance, though, “maggot farm” might be a better phrase, especially when the zombie is covered in Glowing Zombie Maggots. These glowing maggot decorations are a great, if a bit creepy, decoration to add to any zombie that not only makes the zombie look more like a decaying creature, but also adds an eerie glow to the zombie’s look. Each package contains 18 little cylindrical maggots that glow in the dark and when placed under a black light. They make a great compliment to any zombie’s appearance, especially when they are applied to festering zombie wounds and decaying flesh! You can also use them for a wide assortment of other purposes, including Halloween decoration to create that sinister and gory look that only maggots can create. Whether you’re using them for sparse decoration or placing them as a little detail on your own zombie costume, the Glowing Zombie Maggots are a fantastic touch that proves how important the little details really are.